EMC Bearpit Panel – Future of Manufacturing Discussion

Some days you get the bear.  What can you do to keep the bear from getting you?  Or better still, how can you become the bear? 

Join a cross-sector panel of industry thought-leaders and manufacturing innovators, for an interactive discussion on the challenges manufacturers are facing and what they are doing to build their future as manufacturers in Canada. Discussion topics may include (but are not limited to): Manufacturing Issues and Trends; Skills Shortages and the increasing impacts of Advanced Manufacturing, Automation, Robotics and AI; Future Skills and Capabilities; Legislative Barriers and why we need to level the playing field for manufacturers seeking to compete in the global marketplace.

Our ‘bears’ will explore the key opportunities they are exploring today to ensure their continued growth and success in tomorrow’s next generation of manufacturing.

Bearpit Panelists:


Shawn Casemore and Jean-Pierre Giroux, EMC