Bold Predictions. The Future HR Department in Manufacturing. Attraction and Engagement is a must!

It is difficult to predict the future, but essential to identify and understand basic social, economic and technological mega trends that will affect manufacturers’ business in the next 5- 10 years in order to prepare for transformations. Manufacturing in Canada has faced disruption for decades…from products moving overseas, to changes in manufacturing methods that require constant retooling of plants just to remain competitive. All changes affect people. 
Many skilled jobs today will not exist in 5+ years. Finding, attracting, training and retaining people will not lessen in importance.

HR will need to boldly transform to continue to manage and alleviate new pain points from the impact of Mega trends we will identify. Time is the greatest asset and pain point for HR to ensure that brand, culture and employee engagement is in place. Research Statistics suggest there are more jobs than people, and it is more important than ever to invest to attract and retain the right people. Strategic thinking will become in-house HR’s core competence as the fight for talent grows. 

Embracing technology is critical and HR technology is finally catching up and giving back time. Businesses will find that they must have an HRIS system to ensure internal systems connect. There are steps to take now following the mantra of Crawl, Walk. AI and robotics…that will prepare manufacturers business today for the robotics transformation that is coming. 

Mega trends. Bold predictions. Solutions that overcome cost constraints and a live case example will bring this keynote discussion to life.

Speaker: Darwyne Lang