Effective Leaders – Sustainable Change for Growth

Organizations who create leaders who are competent in change achieve higher levels of sustained improvement. 

Do any of these sound familiar: 
- We tried lean, but our employees didn’t go for it.
- Six Sigma is too much for us, we don’t need anything that complicated.
- We hired a consultant to install continuous improvement - but when they left, it all fell apart.
- We did 5S a few years ago but it didn’t stick.
- Employees just don’t like to change.

If so, you’re not alone. According to AME – Association of Manufacturing Excellence – the failure rate may be as high as 90%. Is this a problem with the tools, or a problem with the implementation? 
Succeeding in Continuous Improvement is a people challenge, not a process challenge. It’s more than the tools and programs you use, it’s about the culture of your organization. It’s a way of thinking, a belief in the direction, and a commitment to be a part of a growing and improving business. The role of the leader in achieving and sustaining improvement is key. This presentation will discuss the role of the leader in establishing a culture of improvement and change.



Stewart Pollard