Energy Panel: Energy Impacts on Advanced Manufacturing

Learn from our expert panel on the challenges and opportunities manufacturers are facing with the current state of Canada’s energy markets; how industry is strategically building energy efficiencies and sustainability, and; the hurdles industry must overcome to achieve the highest levels of productivity with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Delegates will also gain an understanding of how to achieve savings through the ‘Art of Curtailment’, as well as a view on what the energy market looks like for the short and medium term, and the importance of planning the best energy management and sustainability strategies.  Hear how industry is elevating its manufacturing capabilities and improving their organization’s bottom line… all within a high-cost carbon economy. 

Panelist 1:           Dave Duggan, Director, Energy Supply & Market Strategy, ECNG Energy Group

Panelist 2:           Doug Dittburner, Chief Engineer, Molson Coors Canada

Panelist 3:          Richard Cook, Manager of Energy Services, Arcadian Projects