Justification Toolkit

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Be prepared for the Future of Manufacturing

There are endless possibilities to achieve operational excellence, knowing where to start and what other Canadian manufacturers are preparing for is often the best place to start your innovative journey. You may find yourself needing to justify the expense and time away from the office, so we have prepared a justification toolkit to help explain the benefits for attending the conference.

Attending the Advantage through Excellence Conference will be the most cost-effective professional and organizational decision you will make this year. Focused in-depth discussions from industry experts, paired with best-practices and plant tours at local facilities, you will have the opportunity to maximize your time away by sharing and networking with the industries best and brightest.


Tips for Attending the Conference

We understand that time away from day to day operations can take its toll on an organization, here are some tips to help support your case to attend EMC’s Advantage through Excellence’s Conference:

Tip #1

Review our program streams and focus on what will be the most beneficial sessions topics to attend, and how these are suited to your organizations plan for growth. With topics covering all aspects of manufacturing from Lean training to advanced manufacturing, there is something for everyone at every level of engagement. For example, what session could you attend and what immediate impact could it have on your work? Which experts will you have access to and what knowledge would you bring back to share with your organization?


After two days of discussions with industry peers you will have valuable knowledge to bring back home with you. Offer to deliver a briefing to your colleagues and management team to share the knowledge you have gained. This way, others within your organization will receive the benefits of attending too.


You will have the opportunity to share materials and presentations from the conference with your colleagues. As a delegate, you will have free access to speakers’ materials posted on a password-protected section of the conference website.


Download the conferences overview schedule and show sessions and topics you will attend while at the conference.


Ask “What is the cost of NOT attending,” in terms both your ability to stay current with new manufacturing trends and missing valuable tools, perspectives, and relationships that will help your organization better anticipate, adapt and implement processes to help grow and become more competitive.


Make sure you review the Registration page, where the various rates are listed to see if you qualify for any of the lower rates and discounts. Don’t miss the early-bird deadline of June 30, 2019 and stay in the hotel block for additional savings.



Tangible Benefits

Knowing what session topics and knowledge you will bring back to the organization to share with your team, will demonstrate a great return on investment to your employer. Use our benefits guide to help build your case.

Knowledge Benefits

There are many ways to bring back unique insight when you return to work from the Advantage through Excellence conference. Considering some of your organizations goals or needs, the sessions streams and topics available will help meet those needs. Sessions are developed to focus on manufacturing challenges that are common enough to relate to. Industry experts will help break down best ways to reach manufacturing excellence, alongside other manufacturers.

Stream Topics

  • Advanced Manufacturing & Innovation
  • Export Development & Growth
  • Operational Excellence
  • Future State of Manufacturing
  • Plant & Best Practice Tours

Decide on which keynotes, streams, sessions and tours would align with your company’s current priorities and goals. Identify specifically what you can use, and how.

Training and Skills Development: This can be a great opportunity for professional development and goals your organization expectations for you! What new skill(s) or approach(es) could you bring back?

Strategic Benefits

This is a great opportunity to meet and interact with other like-minded manufacturers who may be struggling with the same problems you are trying to address. Consider what would be the best outcome of being surrounded by other manufacturers and the wealth of knowledge that can be tapped in a conference setting. By selecting which topic streams and sessions that are most relevant to you organization, you can prepare yourself to have a extract more information from each session, whether it is from the speaker or for other manufacturers attending that session.

Networking Benefits

This conference is an exceptional chance to meet and interact with other manufacturers from across Canada. You find yourself interacting with someone who is in similar roles, or gain insight from a completely different perspective. At the Advantage through Excellence conference, you will get a pulse on what peer organizations are talking about and planning for, and how they are accomplishing their specific goals and how.

Showcase Benefits

Will the conference showcase vendors that have the tools or services you use or could be using in the future? Refer to our vendor listing. This can be an opportunity to gain expert knowledge and compare to competing firms.

Leading vendors and services for (“promotion, product design, best practices, resources, supply chain”). This is an opportunity to collect information and evaluate multiple vendors for (your specific need, or vendor) all at once, helping us make a more informed decision more quickly.


Talking points

Please use or adapt any of the points below to help you communicate what this conference is about and why it is important for you to attend.

What is this conference?

This is EMC’s 5 Conference helping Canadian manufacturers.

What is EMC?

EMC, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to helping manufacturers GROW and become MORE COMPETITIVE, at home and around the world. EMC has grown to become Canada's largest manufacturing consortium and with over one thousand industry events annually, is one of the most active manufacturing organizations in North America! Each and every one of our members face industry related challenges, and it’s through our sharing of expertise, ideas and resources that we work together to achieve world-class performance. Attend one of our high-impact networking sessions today, known as Strategic Interest Groups to realize the power of EMC.

Why This Conference?

The Advantage through Excellence conference provides you with the opportunity to develop new relationships by connecting and learning from and with the best. You will discover practical ways to apply creative solutions within your organization. Build, recapture and rejuvenate your sense of manufacturing. Expand the depth and breadth of your knowledge of operational excellence. Sharpen lean skills, intensify your understanding of advanced manufacturing and learn how to integrate industry practices into your organization. Learn about best-in-class practices, compare your experiences to the most successful businesses and make sure your continuous improvement efforts are on target.

The Showcase is an opportunity to connect with 30+ vendors that provide services and resources of value to Canadian manufacturers. The vendors have the tools that you can evaluate for potential future use or can help control and reduce costs. This is a “one-stop shopping” experience for solutions providers saving you time out of the office and expense of attending multiple trade shows.

Post-Conference Reporting

Commit to your manager up front that you will prepare and share a post-conference report with him/her and the team. A post-conference report of one to three pages conveys key information about the conference to people who did not attend, and ensures that you will transmit it value effectively to your organization.

Examples of information you might include in the report are;

  • Summary of the key themes, concerns, ideas, and best practices discussed
  • Keynote session highlights
  • Specific workshop session highlights
  • Networking event take-aways (new contacts, why they are important, who will follow up and when)
  • Information about products and services gathered from conversations with vendors in the Showcase
  • Knowledge and best practices picked up or thought up while attending the conference
  • Consider working on the report while at the conference or during travel back home. This is when the information is fresh in your mind so it makes the report much easier to write and quicker to deliver.