Leadership & Strategic Growth Grants

A highly productive and innovative business starts with a strategic plan. When businesses are able to build out their strategic growth bath and align funding programs to subsidize that growth, they can accelerate their innovation and compete more effectively both domestically and abroad. Government funding programs can play an important role in unlocking your business’ growth potential. Funding exists to support a wide variety of strategic investments, including funding for hiring, training, innovation, tech/capital adoption, and export expansion. During her keynote presentation, Mentor Works' President and Founder, Bernadeen McLeod, will help participants discover a fresh perspective on the government funding landscape to identify how other organizations can tap into government funding programs multiple times per year to offset the costs of strategic investments. Session participants will leave Bernadeen's keynote with an understanding of how their business’ strategy can be positively influenced by government funding programs. Bernadeen will share her experience with hundreds of grant proposals, and provide insight on how manufacturers can improve their organizational trajectory by integrating funding into their business’ cash flow planning strategy.

Speaker: Bernadeen McLeod