Leadership Training Grants to Empower Your Workforce

A highly productive and innovative workforce starts with employee engagement. When employees are dedicated to their job, operations become more efficient, turnover rates decline, and workers across your organization will better identify and communicate their ideas for positive change. To lead a great manufacturing team, management must understand ways to develop and harness the power of engaged employees.   Government funding programs can play an important role in unlocking your organization’s growth potential. There are several government grants available to reduce the cost of employee training programs, with leadership training being one of the most common types of training funded.   During her keynote presentation, Mentor Works' President and Founder, Bernadeen McLeod, will help participants discover how leadership training enables employees. She will also provide a fresh perspective on the government funding landscape to identify how other organizations can tap into government funding programs multiple times per year to offset the costs of employee training programs.   Session participants will leave Bernadeen's keynote with an understanding of how their workforce development strategy can be positively influenced by government funding programs. Bernadeen will share her experience with hundreds of training grant proposals, and provide insight on how manufacturers can improve their organizational trajectory by developing highly-engaged, skilled workers.

Speaker: Bernadeen McLeod