EMC’s Advantage through Excellence:

Future of Manufacturing Conference

October 8-10, 2019 – Greater Toronto Area

Universal Eventspace, Vaughan ON, Canada

Canada’s Largest Manufacturing Consortium – Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) – together with event partners and stakeholders, is hosting our next national manufacturing conference October 8-10, 2019.  EMC’s Advantage through Excellence: Future of Manufacturing Conference is a 2½ day event exploring the competitive advantages, opportunities and successes that can be achieved by manufacturers through a variety of learning forums. 


Recognizing the Future of Manufacturing in Canada

EMC’s Awards of Excellence are intended to recognize manufacturers who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in one or more of the core conference streams and topics or in EMC member initiatives, impacting their organization, their workforce, the surrounding community and/or the state of manufacturing in Canada.

Conference Stream Award Categories:

Advanced Manufacturing & Innovation: To recognize manufacturing success in adopting new technologies, processes, and/or innovations in one or more of the areas outlined (but not limited to) the list below.

Export Development & Growth:  Sponsored by Export Development Canada (EDC), to recognize sustained success in selling to unique markets and/or strong trade diversification that has led to growth nationally / globally.

Operational Excellence: To recognize manufacturing enterprise excellence, through success in operations in one or more of the areas outlined (but not limited to) the topic list (link below).

Future State of Manufacturing:  To recognize manufacturers who are leading the charge of future excellence, thought leadership and setting the standard for the success of the future of manufacturing in Canada.

General Award Categories:

Outstanding Manufacturer:  To recognize manufacturing excellence at private or public companies in various employee-size categories (small, with up-to 49 employees; medium, with 50 to 249; and large, with 250 or more);

Skills Development & Training:  To recognize excellence in employee/workforce development programs.

Sustainability:  To recognize manufacturing companies that while demonstrating success in business, are equally successful in utilizing energy and resources more efficiently, ideally producing less waste, with a smaller carbon footprint.

In addition, EMC will also be recognizing member manufacturers and stakeholders for Outstanding Member Contributions and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Awards / Nomination Process:

Recognized subject areas within these streams may include (but are not limited to):  Advanced Manufacturing; Finance and Cost Control; Automation / Robotics / AI and Next Generation Technologies; Business Growth / Free trade; Health, Wellness and Safety; Business Practices and Processes; IIoT / Blockchain / Cybersecurity; Productivity and Lean; Energy Efficiency & Sustainability; Labour Market Intelligence; Sector Specific Challenges; Export Development / Expansion; Leadership / Culture; and Workplace Engagement / Retention.

Please submit your nomination on/before August 16, 2019.  EMC will be reviewing all nominations as they are received.  Successful nominees will be contacted for more information and to confirm details as required.  All finalists will be recognized during the conference, with awards presented during the Awards of Excellence dinner October 9th, 2019.

Please note, you do not need to submit a nomination for the same company in multiple categories. Our review team may move honourees to into different categories, should they believe there is a better fit.

To Submit Your Nomination / Application:

Each award nominee will have demonstrated success in implementing their related manufacturing excellence initiatives, with efforts ideally going beyond mere project success and becoming a part of their organizational culture.

Award nominations are open to manufacturers in all provinces. All qualified Canadian manufacturers and/or related individuals interested in nominating or applying for an EMC Award of Excellence are invited to complete the online proposal/application form CLICK HERE for NOMINATION FORM


To learn more about EMC’s Advantage through Excellence:  Future of Manufacturing conference or to discover partner and sponsor opportunities, please contact Scott McNeil-Smith or Amy Edwards, at info@FutureofMFG.ca