Operator Motiviation in Industry 4.0: The Key To Making it All Work

Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, creating smart factories and the potential to significantly boost your productivity, reduce costs and improve the quality of your products. You do everything right, connect the machines, collect the data and put new processes in place to make your company and profitability better. It may have a positive effect, there could be small wins along the way, but it's not sustainable and you can't seem to break your goal glass ceiling.  You've done everything right, why aren't you getting the results?  You haven't engaged and motivated your workforce. Industry 4.0 is not simply about connecting machines, more importantly, it is about connecting the machines and the people, to the plan. The common mistakes in the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies are 1) the plan ignores the human element, 2) The plan is not measuring the right thing (OEE is not always the answer) and 3) the plans do not line up with the corporate vision and value.

Speaker: Paul Hogendoorn