The Future DNA of the Canadian Labour Market

The future DNA of the Canadian labour market will change dramatically into the foreseeable future.  Canada is currently experiencing a skills / job match crisis that will be difficult to correct in the near future.  Our workforce is getting older, birth rates are declining and our new generations are not learning the skills that our businesses, communities and country need to thrive and grow our economy. 

More and more, immigration is coming to the forefront of discussions regarding the future of our workforce and labour market.  What can we, as business leaders, do to capitalize on this inevitable shift and create competitive advantages through the use of immigration and international recruitment?

Anthony Lawley, Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant and Robert Brouillette, business owner and lawyer, will share with the audience their professional and personal experiences through the use of immigration and international recruitment as a staffing solution.  They will provide insight into:

  • The Canadian Immigration System
  • Immigration programs designed for employment in Canada
  • Employer Considerations
  • Keys to a successful foreign worker integration into the workplace

Anthony and Robert look forward to sharing their experiences and providing a new outlook on how the staffing of businesses in the future will inevitably evolve.

Speakers: Rob Brouillette, City WeldingAnthony Lawley, Ivey Immigration