Future of Technology in Manufacturing

30 years ago… smartphones didn’t exist, wireless was in its infancy, computers were a shadow of what now sits on our desks (or in our pockets). What was considered cutting edge technology is now less advanced than some children’s toys and the advanced thinking of yesterday has become common knowledge today. What will tomorrow bring?

Learn from industry thought-leaders on technology, as they discuss the future of AI, automation, digitization, advanced robotics, IoT and the impacts on the future of manufacturing and its workforce.  What’s emerging? What’s yet to come?  How can you plan the next 5 / 10 / 20 years when tomorrow’s technology has not yet fully emerged?  Join our panel for a riveting discussion on what’s next in tech.

Speaker/Moderator:       Namir Anani, P.Eng., President & CEO, Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)

Panelist 1:                           TBC

Panelist 2:                           TBC